Yuta Segawa

As I have shared in some previous posts, miniatures are especially captivating for young audiences. The ceramic forms by Japanese artist Yuta Segawa are no exception. Now based in London, Segawa uses a pottery wheel to form each of the vases and pots pictured here. Fortunately, Segawa takes videos of his process which he shares through his Instagram and on his website. While he makes this process look effortless, I have no doubt that he spent hundreds if not thousands of hours perfecting his craft. Take a look and be sure to check for the discussion prompt at the end!

Yuta Segawa Miniature Throwing from YutaSegawa on Vimeo.

All photos courtesy of Yuta Segawa on Instagram

Discussion for Kids

The objects that Segawa sculpts are commonly used for displaying or growing plants. Why do you think he has chosen to make these in miniature instead of their typical sized?





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