Tiffany Thomas

Each of Tiffany Thomas’ ceramic pieces is reminiscent of fairy tales and hidden gems. This South Carolina artist elevates each of her mugs and dishes by embellishing them with unexpected elements. Her most recent collection incorporates pieces of the natural world like plants and precious gemstones, while one of her past collections featured astrology symbols in relief. Regardless of the theme of the collection, her color palette is always perfection! Take a look below at some of her work.

All photos courtesy of Tiffany Thomas on Instagram

All photos courtesy of Tiffany Thomas on Instagram


Ask children what Thomas’ work reminds them of…perhaps a book or movie? Discuss what specifically brings this to mind. Maybe it is the colors she uses or the subject matter. These kinds of questions may feel “too simple,” but it is important to encourage open dialogue and examination of how we react to art of all kinds!





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