Tag: Watercolor

  • Kemi Radji

    Kemi Radji is an American painter working primarily in watercolor and acrylic. She finds her inspiration from nature, often choosing botanical illustrations and birds for her subjects. Radji is able to incorporate abstraction as well representational styles in her work. While the subject of her paintings is easily identified, she uses loose brush strokes and […]

  • Kelly Pousette

    “When you can’t visit the world, bring the world to you.” – Kelly Pousette The intricately painted illustrations by Canadian artist/illustrator Kelly Pousette will captivate children and adults of all ages. Each scene is comprised of highly detailed cut paper elements that she has artfully arranged in a 3D field. These bring me back to […]

  • Emily Mann

    Anyone who is a fan of color will love Emily Mann’s work! Emily explores a variety of materials, but color is the unifying thread drawing them all together. Which of the colors below is your favorite? I’m partial to the chartreuse green (in between the mustard yellow and sky blue). I am in love with […]

  • Heather Schwartz

    These tiny portraits by Germany-based artist Heather Schwartz are masterpieces in their own right. As artists do though, she took her idea and pushed it further by arranging them into a tiny art gallery show called “Smiling with Your Eyes” for these figurines. Keep scrolling for more masked portraits! Photos courtesy of Instagram Each of […]

  • Caroline Serafinas

    These captivating watercolor portraits by Caroline Serafinas (aka the Colorful Engineer) immediately grabbed my attention when I saw her recent self-portrait on Instagram. Her compositions (the way she arranges the subject on the page) are intimate and beautiful. Photos Courtesy of Caroline Serafinas What did you notice first about her portraits?