Tag: Realistic

  • Matthew Grabelsky

    View fullsize Farmers Market View fullsize Anotter Painting View fullsize Hello Kitten View fullsize Elephant and Castle View fullsize Monkey Business All photos courtesy of Matthew Grabelsky Matthew Grabelsky is an oil painter who was raised in New York City but is currently based in Los Angeles. His paintings are set in benign landscapes such […]

  • Calida Garcia Rawles

    Singularity, 2018 View fullsize Yesterday Called and Said We Are Together 2019 View fullsize The Water Dancer 2019 View fullsize Between Us, 2018 View fullsize Echo My Moonlight, 2020 View fullsize The Space in Which We Travel, 2019 All photos courtesy of the artist’s website The acrylic paintings created by Calida Garcia Rawles have graced […]

  • Brian Sostrom

    Some artist’s work is so beautifully rendered that it is hard to understand how it could be made by hand. The acrylic paintings of Idaho-based artist Brian Sostrom are a perfect example. Sostrom is tight-lipped about his process, which I believe adds to the magic of his work. He is currently living his dream of […]

  • Alyssa Grenning

    Alyssa Grenning’s mesmerizing and highly detailed pencil drawings address the physical and emotional boundaries that have become so significant in our lives. Look at these three images and consider which best illustrates your feelings and experiences during this pandemic. Personally, I identify with Stranded most. For the Protection of Others Stranded There is No Such […]

  • Teddi Parker

    Teddi Parker’s body of work is comprised of beautifully executed renditions of scenes from her life. She uses acrylic home paint for many of her paintings, but has recently begun posting digital paintings completed in the Artrage app. Look at that texture! Digital Painting, 2020, Photo courtesy of Teddi Parker on Instagram Remember Socializing?, Acrylic […]