Tag: Printmaking

  • Anna Hermsdorf

    View fullsize Zimtstern Available on Etsy View fullsize GeminiAvailable on Etsy View fullsize Marie Curie View fullsize AmeliaAvailable on Etsy View fullsize Luna Available on Etsy All photos courtesy of Etsy & Instagram Anna Hermsdorf is a German artist & illustrator whose whimsical, “girly” (her words) and colorful work appear on products and in her […]

  • Merlyn Griffiths

    For today’s post, I wanted to share these linocut prints created by Merlyn Griffiths AKA The Littlest Falcon. Griffiths lives in England and has been a printmaker since 2018. In that time, she has amassed an impressive collection of work. An avid animal lover, Griffiths has chosen to represent creatures of all types in her […]

  • Laurie Smithwick

    Laurie Smithwick creates highly textured abstract compositions using a variety of media. Her studio space (below) gives us a peek into her process. A piece of cardboard, a fork and a stencil are just three of the tools visible in her workspace. Laurie’s workspace Take a close look at Laurie’s work below; which tools pictured […]

  • Karin Rytter

    I cannot imagine a better way to celebrate spring than by looking at the work of Scandinavian printmaker and illustrator Karin Rytter: Three Hares Rite of Spring Greenworld All photos courtesy of Karin Rytter Studio on Etsy I cannot even put into words the amount of admiration and love I have for Karin’s work. Each […]