Tag: Painting

  • Jessica Tinsley

    As an artist myself, I relish finding other artists who are creating work that is far removed from anything I have ever envisioned. The mixed media work that Memphis artist Jessica Tinsley creates immediately captured my attention and admiration. Take a look below! Tinsley is able to combine abstract (not resembling an object) and representational […]

  • Clare Celeste

    Berlin-based artist Clare Celeste uses a combination of antique botanical illustrations and hand-painted elements in her work. Her work is displayed in a variety of ways, collaged on layers of glass (below) and through immersive installations. I imagine visiting one of her installations it would be like walking into a fairy garden. Her work elevates […]

  • Craig Stephens

    Craig Stephens is a California-based artist whose paints a wide range of subjects. Most of his subjects are everyday items like shoes and food. These are made more vibrant and bold by the way Stephens’ utilizes bold brushstrokes and palette knives to lay down thick patches of paint. This use of a variety of textures […]

  • Rachael Cassiani

    Rachael Cassiani’s breezy landscapes capture her experiences living on the coast in Martha’s Vineyard. The majority of her paintings are abstract, made up of geometric sections of flat color. Her eye for color and skill with creating smooth fields of color are unmatched! I love how she uses these different shades of pink, allowing them […]

  • Nikkita Cohoon

    An artist’s process is an incredibly important and sacred part of their practice. I always appreciate when an artist opens up their work to the viewer, allowing us to see how they arrived from point A to point B. Nikkita Cohoon is a wonderful example of an artist sharing their practice openly. Through her company, […]

  • Ann Marie Coolick

    I’m a big fan of ending the week with a bright outlook, and Ann Marie’s heart daubs really got me excited yesterday. So much that I decided to go ahead and share some of her rainbow-colored paint daub compositions. These look SO simple, but I know that the color mixing and arrangement take a lot […]

  • Heather Schwartz

    These tiny portraits by Germany-based artist Heather Schwartz are masterpieces in their own right. As artists do though, she took her idea and pushed it further by arranging them into a tiny art gallery show called “Smiling with Your Eyes” for these figurines. Keep scrolling for more masked portraits! Photos courtesy of Instagram Each of […]

  • Darren Butcher

    Darren Butcher is an immensely talented artist from the United Kingdom. His large scale “funny face” portrait collages encourage a variety of reactions from the viewer. Shock, confusion, humor are just a few of the possibilities! What was your first reaction when you saw this? I love Darren’s use of color and the way that […]

  • Teddi Parker

    Teddi Parker’s body of work is comprised of beautifully executed renditions of scenes from her life. She uses acrylic home paint for many of her paintings, but has recently begun posting digital paintings completed in the Artrage app. Look at that texture! Digital Painting, 2020, Photo courtesy of Teddi Parker on Instagram Remember Socializing?, Acrylic […]

  • Courtney Cerruti

    Today kicks off distance learning through Google Classroom for the district I teach in. Last week was spring break and the two weeks prior to that we worked from paper packets. I am going to use the blog to feature art inspired by everyday life, as well as art made using ready-made materials while sheltered […]