Tag: Painting

  • Jess Franks

    View fullsize Hello, Beautiful View fullsize Horseshoe Bend View fullsize The Smokies View fullsize Top Notch View fullsize Yellowstone, 2 I am beginning a unit on color for my middle school students, so color and color theory have been on my mind a lot. When planning for this week’s post (and the work I will […]

  • Calida Garcia Rawles

    Singularity, 2018 View fullsize Yesterday Called and Said We Are Together 2019 View fullsize The Water Dancer 2019 View fullsize Between Us, 2018 View fullsize Echo My Moonlight, 2020 View fullsize The Space in Which We Travel, 2019 All photos courtesy of the artist’s website The acrylic paintings created by Calida Garcia Rawles have graced […]

  • Kelly Knaga

    View fullsize View fullsize View fullsize View fullsize View fullsize All photos courtesy of Kelly Knaga on Instagram This is our first week back to school, in a 100% virtual learning & teaching environment. As an educator, the last couple of weeks have been filled with frenzied preparations to both teach my students and ensure […]

  • Jacob Van Loon

    View fullsize View fullsize View fullsize View fullsize View fullsize All photos courtesy of Jacob Van Loon on Instagram Jacob Van Loon is a painter living and working in Colorado, whose wide-ranging portfolio would seem disjointed were it not for his signature color palette. Van Loon’s work can be generally separated into geometric and organic […]

  • Salman Khoshroo

    Salman Khoshroo is an Iranian artist who has lived and worked in countries spanning the globe. His portraits are the result of his desire to create a recognizable face with a minimum amount of manipulation on his part. For the last few months, his work has evolved from the thick (impasto) paint to soft wool […]

  • Kemi Radji

    Kemi Radji is an American painter working primarily in watercolor and acrylic. She finds her inspiration from nature, often choosing botanical illustrations and birds for her subjects. Radji is able to incorporate abstraction as well representational styles in her work. While the subject of her paintings is easily identified, she uses loose brush strokes and […]

  • Nikki Cade

    Nikki Cade is a mixed media artist who has embraced her love of travel, bright colors and abstraction. Among her vast portfolio, my personal favorites are her hand-painted globes and travel-inspired paintings. Cade has an eye for mixing colors, patterns and textures in a way that radiates joy. I highly recommend taking a trip to […]

  • Jessica Fields

    Jessica Fields is a South Carolina artist (and teacher) primarily creating landscapes and still life artwork. Her choice to use a palette knife (pictured below with her paintings) creates texture and interest in her pieces. One benefit of adding texture in this way is it creates a sense of movement in her landscapes. These paintings […]

  • Agnes Grochulska

    Agnes Grochulska was born and raised in Poland but currently resides in Virginia. Her paintings are primarily realistic, but her ability to manipulate the colors of skin sets her apart from other realist painters. The paintings below are from her Outline series, with a contrasting halo of color surrounding each figure she depicts. Ask yourself, […]

  • Brian Sostrom

    Some artist’s work is so beautifully rendered that it is hard to understand how it could be made by hand. The acrylic paintings of Idaho-based artist Brian Sostrom are a perfect example. Sostrom is tight-lipped about his process, which I believe adds to the magic of his work. He is currently living his dream of […]