Tag: Nature-Inspired

  • Tiffany Thomas

    Each of Tiffany Thomas’ ceramic pieces is reminiscent of fairy tales and hidden gems. This South Carolina artist elevates each of her mugs and dishes by embellishing them with unexpected elements. Her most recent collection incorporates pieces of the natural world like plants and precious gemstones, while one of her past collections featured astrology symbols […]

  • Jessica Tinsley

    As an artist myself, I relish finding other artists who are creating work that is far removed from anything I have ever envisioned. The mixed media work that Memphis artist Jessica Tinsley creates immediately captured my attention and admiration. Take a look below! Tinsley is able to combine abstract (not resembling an object) and representational […]

  • Kelly Pousette

    “When you can’t visit the world, bring the world to you.” – Kelly Pousette The intricately painted illustrations by Canadian artist/illustrator Kelly Pousette will captivate children and adults of all ages. Each scene is comprised of highly detailed cut paper elements that she has artfully arranged in a 3D field. These bring me back to […]

  • Karin Rytter

    I cannot imagine a better way to celebrate spring than by looking at the work of Scandinavian printmaker and illustrator Karin Rytter: Three Hares Rite of Spring Greenworld All photos courtesy of Karin Rytter Studio on Etsy I cannot even put into words the amount of admiration and love I have for Karin’s work. Each […]