Tag: Illustration

  • Anna Hermsdorf

    View fullsize Zimtstern Available on Etsy View fullsize GeminiAvailable on Etsy View fullsize Marie Curie View fullsize AmeliaAvailable on Etsy View fullsize Luna Available on Etsy All photos courtesy of Etsy & Instagram Anna Hermsdorf is a German artist & illustrator whose whimsical, “girly” (her words) and colorful work appear on products and in her […]

  • Nikkolas Smith

    I stumbled across the illustrations created by Black artist and activist Nikkolas Smith this weekend when news broke of Chadwick Boseman’s death. His illustration of the actor (dressed as Black Panther) and a tiny cancer patient struck me to the core. This is the power of art. Art has the ability to grab our attention […]

  • Meenal Patel

    I love the words that American-Indian artist Meenal Patel wrote about her creative practice on her website: “I am inspired by moments of childhood wonder, strong women, textures in nature, little joys from everyday life (hello ice cream) and my Indian-American heritage. I believe in the importance of all people having the opportunity to see […]

  • Maus Haus

    The Australian artist known as Maus Haus on Instagram (who would otherwise like to remain anonymous) is one of my new favorite painters. Her unique color palette and technical skill (ability to create large flat areas of color) is off the charts! Each of her pieces is precise and possesses an overall symmetry. Symmetry can […]

  • Danielle Coke

    The illustrations created by Danielle Coke are not specifically created for children. However, her work contains simple graphics with eye-catching color and succinct text. A self-professed doodler, Coke’s designs are meant to “encourage faith, inspire justice, & guide you as you love your neighbors well.” ** I am personally signing up for her mailing list […]