Tag: Fiber Arts

  • Élan Byrd

    View fullsize View fullsize View fullsize View fullsize All photos courtesy of the artist’s website Élan Byrd is a Miami, FL based artist whose love of textiles and textures used in home decoration drives her work. From her website:    I am deeply influenced by the cultural commonalities of ancient civilizations through their use of […]

  • Salman Khoshroo

    Salman Khoshroo is an Iranian artist who has lived and worked in countries spanning the globe. His portraits are the result of his desire to create a recognizable face with a minimum amount of manipulation on his part. For the last few months, his work has evolved from the thick (impasto) paint to soft wool […]

  • Emily Botelho

    These highly textured and incredibly detailed embroidery pieces were created by Emily Botelho of Salt Stitches, located in the United Kingdom. Each piece is constructed of fabric printed with a source image that Botelho takes herself. She then layers stitching and embellishments over this to approximate the textures and colors that inspired the work. Botelho’s […]

  • Michael C Thorpe

    As an art educator both in the classroom and through this blog, I enjoy finding artists from all walks of life to share. Art can be an agent for change. Art can force us to confront that which scares us and promote that which inspires us. I spent the weekend considering how art can open […]

  • Meghan Shimek

    Oakland, California based artist Meghan Shimek has a gift for texture. Her woven wall hangings are light, airy and sometimes resemble cotton candy. While many of her works are monochromatic (comprised of shades of one color), when Meghan does use color she does so with sophistication. Take a look at some of her work below: […]