Tag: Collage

  • Élan Byrd

    View fullsize View fullsize View fullsize View fullsize All photos courtesy of the artist’s website Élan Byrd is a Miami, FL based artist whose love of textiles and textures used in home decoration drives her work. From her website:    I am deeply influenced by the cultural commonalities of ancient civilizations through their use of […]

  • Nikki Cade

    Nikki Cade is a mixed media artist who has embraced her love of travel, bright colors and abstraction. Among her vast portfolio, my personal favorites are her hand-painted globes and travel-inspired paintings. Cade has an eye for mixing colors, patterns and textures in a way that radiates joy. I highly recommend taking a trip to […]

  • Clare Celeste

    Berlin-based artist Clare Celeste uses a combination of antique botanical illustrations and hand-painted elements in her work. Her work is displayed in a variety of ways, collaged on layers of glass (below) and through immersive installations. I imagine visiting one of her installations it would be like walking into a fairy garden. Her work elevates […]

  • Deane V Bowers

    Anyone who is around kids for any significant period of time knows how drawn they are to random bits and things found on the ground. Many adult artists, like Deane, don’t outgrow this trait. Instead, they have learned to capitalize on it! Deane Bowers is an artist living in South Carolina who creates unique folk […]