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  • Calida Garcia Rawles

    Singularity, 2018 View fullsize Yesterday Called and Said We Are Together 2019 View fullsize The Water Dancer 2019 View fullsize Between Us, 2018 View fullsize Echo My Moonlight, 2020 View fullsize The Space in Which We Travel, 2019 All photos courtesy of the artist’s website The acrylic paintings created by Calida Garcia Rawles have graced […]

  • Nikkolas Smith

    I stumbled across the illustrations created by Black artist and activist Nikkolas Smith this weekend when news broke of Chadwick Boseman’s death. His illustration of the actor (dressed as Black Panther) and a tiny cancer patient struck me to the core. This is the power of art. Art has the ability to grab our attention […]

  • Kemi Radji

    Kemi Radji is an American painter working primarily in watercolor and acrylic. She finds her inspiration from nature, often choosing botanical illustrations and birds for her subjects. Radji is able to incorporate abstraction as well representational styles in her work. While the subject of her paintings is easily identified, she uses loose brush strokes and […]

  • Nikki Cade

    Nikki Cade is a mixed media artist who has embraced her love of travel, bright colors and abstraction. Among her vast portfolio, my personal favorites are her hand-painted globes and travel-inspired paintings. Cade has an eye for mixing colors, patterns and textures in a way that radiates joy. I highly recommend taking a trip to […]

  • Tiffany Thomas

    Each of Tiffany Thomas’ ceramic pieces is reminiscent of fairy tales and hidden gems. This South Carolina artist elevates each of her mugs and dishes by embellishing them with unexpected elements. Her most recent collection incorporates pieces of the natural world like plants and precious gemstones, while one of her past collections featured astrology symbols […]

  • Danielle Coke

    The illustrations created by Danielle Coke are not specifically created for children. However, her work contains simple graphics with eye-catching color and succinct text. A self-professed doodler, Coke’s designs are meant to “encourage faith, inspire justice, & guide you as you love your neighbors well.” ** I am personally signing up for her mailing list […]

  • Michael C Thorpe

    As an art educator both in the classroom and through this blog, I enjoy finding artists from all walks of life to share. Art can be an agent for change. Art can force us to confront that which scares us and promote that which inspires us. I spent the weekend considering how art can open […]