Tag: Acrylic

  • Jess Franks

    View fullsize Hello, Beautiful View fullsize Horseshoe Bend View fullsize The Smokies View fullsize Top Notch View fullsize Yellowstone, 2 I am beginning a unit on color for my middle school students, so color and color theory have been on my mind a lot. When planning for this week’s post (and the work I will […]

  • Calida Garcia Rawles

    Singularity, 2018 View fullsize Yesterday Called and Said We Are Together 2019 View fullsize The Water Dancer 2019 View fullsize Between Us, 2018 View fullsize Echo My Moonlight, 2020 View fullsize The Space in Which We Travel, 2019 All photos courtesy of the artist’s website The acrylic paintings created by Calida Garcia Rawles have graced […]

  • Nikki Cade

    Nikki Cade is a mixed media artist who has embraced her love of travel, bright colors and abstraction. Among her vast portfolio, my personal favorites are her hand-painted globes and travel-inspired paintings. Cade has an eye for mixing colors, patterns and textures in a way that radiates joy. I highly recommend taking a trip to […]

  • Brian Sostrom

    Some artist’s work is so beautifully rendered that it is hard to understand how it could be made by hand. The acrylic paintings of Idaho-based artist Brian Sostrom are a perfect example. Sostrom is tight-lipped about his process, which I believe adds to the magic of his work. He is currently living his dream of […]