Tag: Abstract

  • Jess Franks

    View fullsize Hello, Beautiful View fullsize Horseshoe Bend View fullsize The Smokies View fullsize Top Notch View fullsize Yellowstone, 2 I am beginning a unit on color for my middle school students, so color and color theory have been on my mind a lot. When planning for this week’s post (and the work I will […]

  • Jacob Van Loon

    View fullsize View fullsize View fullsize View fullsize View fullsize All photos courtesy of Jacob Van Loon on Instagram Jacob Van Loon is a painter living and working in Colorado, whose wide-ranging portfolio would seem disjointed were it not for his signature color palette. Van Loon’s work can be generally separated into geometric and organic […]

  • Jessica Fields

    Jessica Fields is a South Carolina artist (and teacher) primarily creating landscapes and still life artwork. Her choice to use a palette knife (pictured below with her paintings) creates texture and interest in her pieces. One benefit of adding texture in this way is it creates a sense of movement in her landscapes. These paintings […]

  • Dan Lam

    Resin artist Dan Lam has truly honed her craft with this tricky medium! Her poured resin sculptures look like something you might find in a rainbow-colored cave. Lam has an eye for color combinations and adding just the right amount of shine to create visual interest in her pieces. She also creates “blobs” like the […]

  • Rachael Cassiani

    Rachael Cassiani’s breezy landscapes capture her experiences living on the coast in Martha’s Vineyard. The majority of her paintings are abstract, made up of geometric sections of flat color. Her eye for color and skill with creating smooth fields of color are unmatched! I love how she uses these different shades of pink, allowing them […]

  • Nikkita Cohoon

    An artist’s process is an incredibly important and sacred part of their practice. I always appreciate when an artist opens up their work to the viewer, allowing us to see how they arrived from point A to point B. Nikkita Cohoon is a wonderful example of an artist sharing their practice openly. Through her company, […]

  • Ann Marie Coolick

    I’m a big fan of ending the week with a bright outlook, and Ann Marie’s heart daubs really got me excited yesterday. So much that I decided to go ahead and share some of her rainbow-colored paint daub compositions. These look SO simple, but I know that the color mixing and arrangement take a lot […]

  • Emily Mann

    Anyone who is a fan of color will love Emily Mann’s work! Emily explores a variety of materials, but color is the unifying thread drawing them all together. Which of the colors below is your favorite? I’m partial to the chartreuse green (in between the mustard yellow and sky blue). I am in love with […]

  • Sue Francis

    When you take a slow look at the work below, what three words immediately come to mind? These are the bold abstract paintings created by Australian artist Sue Francis. Rather than trying to recreate a specific image, abstract artists like Sue use shapes, colors and spontaneous gestures to convey an idea. Share the three words […]