Summer Break is Here!

I can’t believe it has been so long since I posted in here! I have been busy with our return to hybrid education in April, then the end of the school year. As of last Friday, we are finally on summer break! I have been using a lot of time the last couple of months to dream up where I want to take Curated for Kids, and how I can help the process of sharing art by BIPOC and female artists as seamless and sustainable as possible.

To that end, I will be developing a guide for talking to kids about art, which will be available for free to all subscribers to my email newsletter. I hope to have this available by the end of June. Then, I will be able to spend more of my time sharing artists on Instagram, and writing shorter blog posts about them. After all, this is more about the art and less about sharing biographical information, right?

The other change I will be making is sharing more of my experiences in art education, work my students make and conversations that we have about art and artists. I believe that this will be a very useful resource for many parents and educators!

Thank you for remaining a dedicated subscriber! If you’d like to support my work in more ways, please see my Patreon! Here, you have the option to support Curated for Kids for only $3 a month (though you are able to pledge more if you wish!). By subscribing, you’ll not only provide general support for this endeavor, but unlock benefits like exclusive voting power and behind the scenes content. Voting power will come in handy as I work on more free (and paid) downloadable materials!

Feel free to comment below and let me know what resources and posts you’d like to see me work on next!







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