Sofie van Schadewijk

I took the last week off of blog posting and it was a lovely little break. I am glad to be back at it this week though, I always feel weird when I am not prepping a new post on Sundays!

This week’s featured artist is Sofie van Schadewijk. Schadewijk knew from a young age that she wanted a creative job. After studying graphic design (which left little time for drawing) and working for a few years she realized that she missed creating by hand. She began drawing and eventually took the time to learn about printmaking methods like silkscreen and relief printing.

Schadewijk lives and works in the Netherlands, creating linocuts and woodcuts that often feature figures with long, entwined hair. The illustrations she creates feel like something out of a storybook, full of mystery and magic. Her use line to depict a variety of textures is fascinating and mind boggling! Take a look at her work below and when presenting her work to children, consider seeing what stories they can invent to go with the imagery. You never know what kind of stories you’ll hear!

Plant Home


Us Three

The Girl and the Wolf

Good Morning Cup