Salman Khoshroo

Salman Khoshroo is an Iranian artist who has lived and worked in countries spanning the globe. His portraits are the result of his desire to create a recognizable face with a minimum amount of manipulation on his part. For the last few months, his work has evolved from the thick (impasto) paint to soft wool roving portraits. Khoshroo explains more of his thoughts behind this series on his website:


These portraits are delicate and vulnerable and resonate with my own precarious situation. We live in fragile times, and I feel the need to find new materials and the mindset to reinvent my practice. Wool brings warmth and intimacy to these portraits,  and plays with provoking the nurture instinct. Making male portraits with this habitually perceived feminine material, is part of a personal journey in re-interpreting the masculine condition.

-Salman Khoshroo


Discussion for Kids

Khoshroo describes his wool portraits as “delicate” and “fragile.” What word(s) would you use to describe his painted portraits?





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