Priyanka Parmanand

Priyanka Parmanand is an abstract artist based in Washington. In addition to being an artist, she is the founder of Crimson Canvas Arts. This after school arts enrichment program for children grades K-5 has 10 locations delivering this vital programming for children.

Parmanand’s work is colorful and full of movement, a testament to her skill with the palette knives she loves to work with. While her subjects tend to be floral arrangements, Parmanand’s style can be seen applied to everyday objects like the Heinz bottle below, lending the same vibrancy to such a seemingly mundane object (though really – who doesn’t love some ketchup?!). When asked about her motivation in creating her art, Parmanand says

The world continues to be alarming and outlandish. Fear and anxiety have taken place in our head and the mere thought about what will happen next is overwhelming. [This causes] strong emotions in not just adults but children too. Millions of people today fear and worry about their health, about the health of loved ones, loss of job, or loss of support services they rely on. Today’s situation affects each of us on how we think, feel, and act and make choices. Yes, more than ever the world seems strange and more than even people need hope! Hope for better tomorrow, hope for a better future. More than ever people need to be reminded that this won’t last. They need to be nudged, but there are signs of hope if you look around.

Parmanand sees flowers in bloom as a sign of hope. Hope that we will persevere, that there is light at the end of this tunnel. I couldn’t agree more! What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

All photos courtesy of Priyanka Parmanand on Instagram