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  • My “Why”

    Earlier this month I announced that I had begun the process of writing and illustrating a children’s nonfiction book.⁠ This week I want to share more about this project, what inspired it and my vision for where it fits in the world. ⁠Have you ever gone in search of a certain book, knowing it MUST […]

  • Janelle Washington

    View fullsize View fullsize View fullsize All images courtesy of the artist The papercut artworks by Virginia artist Janelle Washington are not only visually stunning, they are rich in meaning. Washington’s compositions address issues of beauty and history in her African American heritage. Each piece is cut from a single sheet of paper using carefully […]

  • Updates & Happy New Year!

    I’m not one to make a huge deal about the change of years, but in late 2020 I felt my work for this site shifting. I was no longer satisfied with just sharing art I loved. As some may have seen, I have announced that I am seeking artists for a children’s book project. This […]

  • Kat Sánchez Standfield

    The fiber work made by Kat Sánchez Standfield is utterly fascinating. Standfield is a Panamanian-American artist who explores relationships and ideas of community through her colorful and often interactive art. View fullsize The three pieces above are titled Repairing, Restoring and Reclaiming and represent the stages of repair used in the technique of darning. In […]

  • Sofie van Schadewijk

    I took the last week off of blog posting and it was a lovely little break. I am glad to be back at it this week though, I always feel weird when I am not prepping a new post on Sundays! This week’s featured artist is Sofie van Schadewijk. Schadewijk knew from a young age […]

  • Chloe Alexander

    View fullsize Army of One View fullsize View fullsize The Binds that Tie Us View fullsize The Hawk and the Linnet View fullsize Cat’s Cradle View fullsize Cat’s Cradle II Chloe Alexander (aka The Hapless Printmaker) is an Atlanta based artist whose work has been gaining momentum this year. In addition to her growing career […]

  • Priyanka Parmanand

    View fullsize Priyanka Parmanand is an abstract artist based in Washington. In addition to being an artist, she is the founder of Crimson Canvas Arts. This after school arts enrichment program for children grades K-5 has 10 locations delivering this vital programming for children. Parmanand’s work is colorful and full of movement, a testament to […]

  • Charles Clary

    South Carolina artist Charles Clary’s cut paper artwork may appear at first to be nothing more than an exploration in color and layers that form landscape-esque peaks and valleys. There is, however, a much deeper meaning lurking below the surface of his work. On his website he writes about how his work shifted in 2013 […]

  • Stephanie Kilgast

    View fullsize A Tale of Knowledge View fullsize A Tale of Knowledge, Detail View fullsize Exploration (Octopus) View fullsize Human Tide (Polar Bear) View fullsize Mojito View fullsize Neon Night View fullsize Neon Night, Detail All photos courtesy of Stephanie Kilgast   Stephanie Kilgast is a French artist who uses bright, cheerful colors to bring […]

  • Camilla Taylor

    Camilla Taylor is a Los Angeles based artist with an impressive body of diverse works. She has studied printmaking extensively but now works with sculpture as well. Her work in Your Words in My Mouth at Track 16 Gallery connects these different processes in a very seamless way. The sculptures and prints in this exhibit […]

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