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Would you like to see your work on the blog? Please submit your work here for consideration if it meets these requirements:

  • Appropriate subject matter for children grades K-8

  • You have high quality photos

  • Your work is accompanied by an artist statement detailing the inspiration for the work and materials/processes used




Do You Want to be in a Children’s Book?

About the Project

I am writing a children’s book specifically about artists who are Black, indigenous or people of color (BIPOC) who are creating work directly influenced by their cultural heritage. I developed this idea when I was looking for books to use in my middle school art curriculum. I wanted something that could teach students about the visual language of a variety of cultures. These books weren’t easy to find, and almost none are developed with children in mind, so why not write it myself? In this book, I will survey contemporary/living artists from a variety of cultural backgrounds and connect their work to their culture’s visual history. I imagine this concept as a thread that is weaving past and present together. 

As a white woman raised on the fringes of the Filipino culture (my grandmother is Filipino but did not teach the language or specific cultural traditions outside of food), I am not able to truly speak to this subject. However, as the creator of the Curated for Kids Blog and an art teacher, I am able to use my voice to distill this information and form this connection with a young audience. My goal is to do so in as respectful and honorable a way as possible. Each artist feature will include photos of their artwork, an illustrated portrait of the artist and illustrated motifs inspired by the artist’s work and/or culture. Artists will have the opportunity to approve these illustrations prior to publication. All illustrations will be completed by myself, Maria Coit.

What I Will Need From You

  • All artists will be required to complete a survey (or interview with me) about their cultural background & how it influences their art.

  • 3-5 images of their artwork (300 dpi recommended).

  • One photo of themselves to serve as the basis for an illustrated portrait done by me.

  • BONUS: Submit a photo of your workspace or favorite tools, also the basis for an illustration on your feature spread.

Please complete the contact form below if you are interested in being featured and I will be in touch soon!



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