Nikki Cade

Nikki Cade is a mixed media artist who has embraced her love of travel, bright colors and abstraction. Among her vast portfolio, my personal favorites are her hand-painted globes and travel-inspired paintings. Cade has an eye for mixing colors, patterns and textures in a way that radiates joy. I highly recommend taking a trip to her website and support her!

All photos courtesy of Nikki Cade Studio on Instagram

All photos courtesy of Nikki Cade Studio on Instagram


Cade’s work is inspired by her love of travel. When sharing her work with kids, prompt them to consider places they have traveled to (even if that is only an hour away). We tend to pick up small details like colors and smells that remind us of a location and memory. These can be a great starting point to one’s own artistic explorations. This prompt is one that young children are especially adept at utilizing, thanks to their ever-evolving imaginations!





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