Merlyn Griffiths

For today’s post, I wanted to share these linocut prints created by Merlyn Griffiths AKA The Littlest Falcon. Griffiths lives in England and has been a printmaker since 2018. In that time, she has amassed an impressive collection of work. An avid animal lover, Griffiths has chosen to represent creatures of all types in her prints and paintings. Her use of color is what drew me in to her work. Some of her blocks have been printed in multiple color themes, like her jaguar print pictured below. It is touches like these that drew me to her work. Visit her website to see her impressive portfolio and maybe snag a print for yourself!

Photos courtesy of The Littlest Falcon on Instagram

Discussion for Kids

Griffiths enjoys drawing her cats in particular. If you have a pet, draw a picture of them sleeping or playing!
If you choose to add color to your drawing, try using unusual colors and see if you like the effect.






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