Kemi Radji

Kemi Radji is an American painter working primarily in watercolor and acrylic. She finds her inspiration from nature, often choosing botanical illustrations and birds for her subjects. Radji is able to incorporate abstraction as well representational styles in her work. While the subject of her paintings is easily identified, she uses loose brush strokes and enhances color in order to convey emotion. Radji’s use of color is carefully chosen, highlighting the beauty of her subjects while creating a visually pleasing image. For more information and examples of her work, visit Radji’s website here.

Photos courtesy of Kemi Radji on Instagram

Photos courtesy of Kemi Radji on Instagram

Questions for Kids

Examine the colors used in each of the paintings above. Identify whether Radji uses primarily warm colors (red, orange, yellow) or cool colors (blue, green, purple) in each. Now consider the mood of each painting (happy, sad, etc) and discuss how the colors used contribute to the painting’s mood.





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