Kelly Knaga

All photos courtesy of Kelly Knaga on Instagram

This is our first week back to school, in a 100% virtual learning & teaching environment. As an educator, the last couple of weeks have been filled with frenzied preparations to both teach my students and ensure my own kids have an optimal learning space.

When I was looking for work that I wanted to share this week, these pieces by Chicago-based artist Kelly Knaga caught my eye. Sometimes when I use that phrase, I mean that the work excited me, or lit up something inside of myself. In this case, these works had a calming effect. The abstract composition, arrangement of elements and use of color all invite the eye to move around the image slowly and pause. As I was looking at the work again in preparation to write this post, I saw marks that I had not noticed initially. Work like this is a wonderful invitation for the thought and wonder of a child. Try asking some of the questions below to see how they can spark one’s imagination. I’d love to hear their thoughts in the comments below!

Discussion for Kids

  • What do you think is happening in this picture?

  • What colors do you see in this picture?

  • How do the colors used make you feel?

  • Pick one piece you would like to have in your room and explain why you chose it.





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