Kate Hamel Tucker

Louisiana artist Kate Hamel Tucker is the creative genius behind Owl House, her printmaking studio located in her home. Tucker’s prints are often highly detailed folklore-based wildlife, a nod to her love of the natural world. Like Karin Rytter, who was previously featured, Tucker uses linoleum (a dense, flexible material) as the base for her carvings. This material enables her to achieve her smooth blacks and detailed linework. These are then inked up and pressed onto paper. Scroll down for more of her amazing designs!

Photos courtesy of Kate Hamel Tucker on Instagram

Photos courtesy of Kate Hamel Tucker on Instagram

Tucker recently partnered with the printing materials company Speedball Art and other printmaking artists to deliver a variety of printmaking lessons especially for kids. This project, #printkids, was shared via Instagram and is available to watch here. These lessons will help children learn the joys of a new medium and is sure to keep them busy!






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