Karin Rytter

I cannot imagine a better way to celebrate spring than by looking at the work of Scandinavian printmaker and illustrator Karin Rytter:

Three Hares

Three Hares

Rite of Spring

Rite of Spring

GreenworldAll photos courtesy of Karin Rytter Studio on Etsy


All photos courtesy of Karin Rytter Studio on Etsy

I cannot even put into words the amount of admiration and love I have for Karin’s work. Each design is carefully carved from linoleum, creating what can most easily be explained as large, intricate stamps. She then prints them on paper in a variety of color combinations.

Her attention to detail and symmetry (how balanced one aspect of the image is compared to the others) are unparalleled. Of these three images, which one is most interesting to you? Why?





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