Jacob Van Loon

All photos courtesy of Jacob Van Loon on Instagram

Jacob Van Loon is a painter living and working in Colorado, whose wide-ranging portfolio would seem disjointed were it not for his signature color palette. Van Loon’s work can be generally separated into geometric and organic subsets. His geometric work is impressive in its intricacy and richness, but I feel that the flowing lines of his organic collection of works is even more impressive. The forms used in these paintings are reminiscent of landscapes, communicating a sense of gentle movement. There is no evidence of hesitation in Van Loon’s marks, instead it appears that each line has been laid with conviction and courage. These works are sure to delight children and adults with their myriad of interpretations and eye-catching colors!

Discussion for Kids

Grab some colors that you feel go well together and try your hand at drawing parallel, swirly lines like you have seen in Van Loon’s work. Did you find yourself hesitating with each mark or were you able to release your worries and enjoy the process? Please share how it felt to be limited by your expectations or free to engage in the process without worry over the result.





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