Greta Laundy

The Arcadia Series

Arcadia Series #3

Gifts of the Star-Sown Night

The Strength of Mountains no. 1

We Meet Again

Photos courtesy of Greta Laundy’s website and Instagram

Australian-based artist Greta Laundy creates paintings and drawings that explore themes of being connected to the natural world and the joy this brings her. Laundy says that her use of large blocks of color are a means of exploring the ways that the various elements of the landscape interact and connect with her. I connected with Laundy’s work because of her use of color. She is able to find a delicate balance between muted colors and bright pops that catch the viewer’s eye. Her painted color blocks are crisp and smooth, giving the impression that they are truly overlapping and interacting with each other. All of these attributes of Laundy’s work make these paintings sure to inspire imagination in viewers of all ages!

Discussion for Kids

  • What emotion(s) does each of these paintings make you feel?

  • Guide children through identifying the various parts of each landscape. Can they find the sun? A mountain?

  • Where would they like to stand within these landscapes? What would they be doing?