Golsa Golchini

Golsa Golchini is an Italian artist living in Milan. Her work features tiny figures engaging in sport and leisure activities. Most notable about her work is her ability to paint on anything. Golchini hasn’t let quarantine keep her from creating her art. A resourceful painter, Golchini has been using her hands, cardboard scraps and torn up books as her canvas! Take a look below:

All photos courtesy of Golsa Golchini on Instagram

All photos courtesy of Golsa Golchini on Instagram

Golchini’s ability to paint with just the right touch of realism to her figures is enchanting. Her book paintings in particular are reminiscent of fairy houses and gardens, the building of which is a common activity in the 5-8 year old set. At some point, most creatives are encouraged to take their work more seriously by using high quality materials and creating work that will stand the test of time. Golsa Golchini’s work is proof that these conventions are not worth consideration anymore. By encouraging children to explore a variety of media and materials for their creative pursuits, they will learn invaluable critical thinking skills!






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