Emily Botelho

These highly textured and incredibly detailed embroidery pieces were created by Emily Botelho of Salt Stitches, located in the United Kingdom. Each piece is constructed of fabric printed with a source image that Botelho takes herself. She then layers stitching and embellishments over this to approximate the textures and colors that inspired the work. Botelho’s wide catalog of stitches allows her to create visual and tactile interest in each piece. These embroidered artworks are sure to inspire children to engage in close observation of the natural world.

Oh, and she sells kits for creating your own embroidered artwork in her Etsy shop!

All photos courtesy of Emily Botelho on Instagram

Questions for Kids

Go for a walk around your yard or neighborhood and take time to look closely at the objects around you. Can you find any rocks, trees or other items that have an interesting texture? Take photos if you are able to!





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