Élan Byrd

All photos courtesy of the artist’s website

Élan Byrd is a Miami, FL based artist whose love of textiles and textures used in home decoration drives her work. From her website:


 I am deeply influenced by the cultural commonalities of ancient civilizations through their use of materials, architecture, woven textiles and the symbols they created as the earliest form of communication. I draw inspiration from these sources by creating modern pieces that embody those similarities,  either in the concept for the collection, or in the materials I use. 

My aesthetic is a reflection of my journey breaking free from the construct of perfection and embracing the beauty in imperfection. It’s a celebration of texture, and the organic, natural forms found in nature.

Weaving is a slow and intentional meditative process, which allows me to be sustainable in my practice. Therefore, I create one of a kind, small quantity items made from natural fibers and other resources from the earth. This is how I honor our connection between Earth and hand.


Discussion for Kids

Do you collect anything from nature such as rocks, sticks or leaves? These are just a few items that can be a source of inspiration or as a material used in art-making. What textures and forms can you find?





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