Denise Peter

German artist Denise Peter creates paintings inspired by photographs she takes herself on her travels. Peter uses her own reference photos whenever possible. What strikes me most about her work is the vibrancy of her paintings (she uses gouache) and the way she creates visual interest using her compositions. Take a look at these beauties!

All photos courtesy of Denise Peter on Instagram

All photos courtesy of Denise Peter on Instagram

“Composition” can be a confusing word for some children (and even some adults!). One way to enable understanding is to explain that the composition is how the different parts of an image are arranged within the boundaries of the image. For example, many of Peter’s paintings have elements that run off the page, or that create lines that move across the page (like the telephone wires in the image above). These elements are what make her compositions so interesting, guiding the viewer’s eye around the page and towards the most intricate of details. More of her work can be found on her website.






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