Deane V Bowers

Anyone who is around kids for any significant period of time knows how drawn they are to random bits and things found on the ground. Many adult artists, like Deane, don’t outgrow this trait. Instead, they have learned to capitalize on it!

Deane Bowers is an artist living in South Carolina who creates unique folk art using found objects like the ones pictured below:

By using materials that have been discarded (often found on walks in her neighborhood), she is able to positively impact the environment and remind the viewer that even the most damaged objects can be beautiful when given the chance. I cannot think of a better message to give our children than this!

The photos below offer a glimpse into her process:


Screenshot_2020-04-21 Deane V Bowers Art ( deanevbowersart) • Instagram photos and videos.png

Photos courtesy of Instagram

Photos courtesy of Instagram

Deane’s work can be found on her website ( and Instagram page.