Danielle Coke

The illustrations created by Danielle Coke are not specifically created for children. However, her work contains simple graphics with eye-catching color and succinct text. A self-professed doodler, Coke’s designs are meant to “encourage faith, inspire justice, & guide you as you love your neighbors well.” **

I am personally signing up for her mailing list so I can purchase these prints when they are next available, and I encourage you to do the same!

**quote courtesy of Danielle Coke’s website www.ohhappydani.com

All photos courtesy of Danielle Coke on Instagram

All photos courtesy of Danielle Coke on Instagram


Start the conversation about racism with your children (if you haven’t already). Refer to the Anatomy of an Ally illustration to walk children through situations that they may encounter. How would they react? This is a great time to role play to help children gain confidence in real-life situations. Most importantly, encourage your children to speak up and speak out against racial bias and acts.





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