Courtney Cerruti

Today kicks off distance learning through Google Classroom for the district I teach in. Last week was spring break and the two weeks prior to that we worked from paper packets. I am going to use the blog to feature art inspired by everyday life, as well as art made using ready-made materials while sheltered in place.

I came by the paintings of Courtney Cerruti on Instagram years ago, but the last week or so she has begun painting these beautiful stacks of quilts set against a dark background. Take a minute to really consider the work; do you feel anything when you look at it (sadness, warmth, etc)?

Do both of these paintings make you feel the same?

Personally, I picture these stools with stacks of quilts in two completely different houses. The top one is more traditional in style while the bottom is more modern. Both bring me a sense of calm and feeling of being home. How about you?






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