Camilla Taylor

Camilla Taylor is a Los Angeles based artist with an impressive body of diverse works. She has studied printmaking extensively but now works with sculpture as well. Her work in Your Words in My Mouth at Track 16 Gallery connects these different processes in a very seamless way. The sculptures and prints in this exhibit tell the story of the lies that people tell themselves and others for financial or social gain. Taylor’s work addresses the lies that become so enmeshed within the individual’s conscious self that they are indistinguishable from reality. Take a look below and see the discussion prompts at the end! To read more about this exhibit, please visit the press release on the Track 16 website.

But I Remember It Differently
Ceramic with oil based ink

But I Remember It Differently
Ceramic with oil based ink

Many Times Over
Paper, Wood, Acrylic

Means of Concealment and Deception I
Kiln cast glass

Means of Concealment and Deception IV
Kiln cast glass



All Photos Courtesy of Your Words in My Mouth at Track 16

Discussion for Kids

The work shared in this week’s post has such a deep meaning that it can be overwhelming trying to determine how to even begin a discussion about it with children. With cerebral work like Taylor’s, I encourage asking questions like the following, just to get their gears turning. There is no right or wrong answer – it’s all based on their interpretation and opinion!

  • Take a close look at the artwork shown. What do you think is happening in this piece? What clues lead you to this conclusion?

  • What is the first feeling that surfaces when you look at this artwork?

  • What is the first word that comes to mind when you view this artwork?

  • Taylor uses black and white in her sculptures and printmaking pieces. Why do you think she has chosen to limit the colors in this way?