Anna Hermsdorf

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Available on Etsy

Marie Curie

Available on Etsy

Available on Etsy

All photos courtesy of Etsy & Instagram

Anna Hermsdorf is a German artist & illustrator whose whimsical, “girly” (her words) and colorful work appear on products and in her own fine art shop. I first saw Hermsdorf’s work via Instagram and was blown away by her process videos. She has perfected the art of showing how a multi-layer relief print is created. She also has an impeccable eye for color combinations and an affinity for including subtle details and metaphors in her female portraits. I am sure that her work will amaze and delight you as much as it did me!

Discussion for Kids

  • Take a look at the Marie Curie image above. What details do you notice? Marie Curie was an important scientist, and Hermsdorf has snuck in a few elements that reference this role.

  • Also take a look at Luna, what details do you notice in her portrait that reference the character from Harry Potter?

  • Which image has your favorite color combination?

  • Head over to Hermsdorf’s Instagram account and watch some of the process videos she has posted. Do you have any questions about her process? If so, add them in the comments below!