Adam Bart

Irish ceramic artist Adam Bart sculpts creatures in his unique style. Bart is a storyteller, as is evident in each of his pieces. His lanterns often share a scene of friends sitting by a fire. The most emotive of his sculptures are those centered around Lorse and Little Kurviu. From Bart’s Etsy store:

“That series of sculptures of Lorse and small Kurviu tells a story about the friendship between Lorse (not a lama but not a horse) and Little Kurviu (a gnome character wearing a winter coat with bearish ears).”

Bart has created two characters who happily share adventures and a rich friendship. Children are sure to find these characters endearing!

All photos courtesy of Adam Bart on Instagram

Discussion for Kids:

What adventure do you think Little Kurviu and his Lorse would get into next? Draw a picture to illustrate your idea!






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