Contemporary Art – Curated with Kids in Mind

Curated for Kids was borne from my desire to provide quality, age appropriate contemporary art images for my middle school art students as daily warm ups in class. In the year since its inception, Curated for Kid’s mission has grown to include the diversification and decolonization of the art curriculum as well as delivering art education directly to children through the publication of a nonfiction book featuring Black, Indigenous Artists of Color.

The art covered by conventional art education resources is often hundreds of years old, created most often by dead white men, and lacks relevance for today’s children. Experiencing contemporary art from a diverse collection of artists that address contemporary issues is crucial for helping children learn to interpret and discuss art (and therefore enable them to understand the world).

The Curated for Kids blog offers age-appropriate visual art content with suggestions for questions and prompts to consider during discussions with children. These resources are made available free to educators and parents.