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  • Teaching Middle School Art Series – Part 2 – What Do My Students Need?

    This post is the second in a series exploring the evolution of my teaching practice since I began teaching in 2018. The first post can be found here. As many teachers experienced during distance learning imposed by COVID-19, teaching over the computer left a lot to be desired for our student’s learning. I spent a […]

  • Teaching Middle School Art Series – Part 1 – Teaching for Artistic Behavior

    This post is the first of a series that explores the evolution of my teaching practice since I began teaching in 2018. Teaching art in the public school system did not seem like an attainable dream when I graduated with my bachelors in printmaking back in 2006. I knew that I would need more education […]

  • Beth S. Robertson

    Beth S. Robertson is an amazing ink and relief print artist living in Scotland. Also known as @End.Grain.Prints on Instagram, Beth’s work is a unique blend of modern and antique aesthetics. Her compositions are absolutely mesmerizing! Roberston also uses her printmaking work in stop motion animations. These are sure to captivate and ignite the imaginations […]

  • Summer Break is Here!

    I can’t believe it has been so long since I posted in here! I have been busy with our return to hybrid education in April, then the end of the school year. As of last Friday, we are finally on summer break! I have been using a lot of time the last couple of months […]

  • Durba Sen

    Durba Sen is a painter living in the San Francisco bay area. Originally from India, Sen is deeply inspired by the rich colors of India, and has found that her experiences visiting India as an adult have helped her develop the colorful abstract art she now creates. I wanted to share excerpts from her artist […]

  • Amanda ilc

    Amanda ilc is a printmaker and mixed media artist who currently lives and works in Seattle Washington. Her work is a study of the human body with all its grace, fragility and strength. Her simple designs allow her subject to shine, highlighting the expressive qualities of the hands she is illustrating. I hope you enjoy […]

  • Tamara Kostianovsky

    Tamara Kostianovsky is a New York-based Latinx artist whose installation artworks address the problems of a consumer culture, environment and even violence. Her sculptures are created using discarded clothing often sourced from her own closet. Each piece, whether it is from her “Tree Carcases” or “Meats” series, depicts a part of nature that is now […]

  • Azuma Makoto

    Japanese floral artist Azuma Makoto creates elaborate floral creations that he then subjects to the affects of time, weather and even altitude. His work is stunning to behold but equally as rich in meaning and symbolism. I love that he has taken traditions from thousands of years of his culture and reimagined them for the […]

  • Damon Davis

    Damon Davis is a Black artist based in St. Louis, Missouri. He has been on my radar for over a year now, when he first began working on his Cracks series. Davis describes this series as “a series of three dimensional works that are an investigation of vulnerability, masculinity, grieving, and trauma around loss and […]

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